Mesh Networking

BlockMesh will enable cost-free communication by creating a global mesh network which allows our users to skip typical cellular and ISP “toll roads”. A mesh network is a group of devices passing information from one to another until the recipient is reached. We are using this mesh network as a communications application, and as it can operate via Bluetooth and wifi instead of data, it is essentially cost-free once you’re on the network.

All data sent through our network will be absolutely cost-free. In case the mesh connection isn’t strong enough in a particular area, users may use ordinary cellular data.


That’s where the Mesh Token comes in. Users will get Mesh Tokens (MESH) for every MB of data that passes through their mobile device. We are developing a wallet which will give greater freedom to the unbanked via the platform and to accomplish this we’re using blockchain technology which enables us to reward users for supporting the network and brings our end-goal closer. MESH can be used for peer-to-peer payments inside the network, but most importantly, users will be able to buy mobile data at any mesh hotspot for a fraction of the typical cellular data price.

Developing The Global Village

In developing countries, while driving the data costs down, BlockMesh network will free up a huge part of users' income, unlocking the entrepreneurial potential and generating new pockets of growth for the world economy. In more developed parts of the world, BlockMesh will become a worthy competitor to established cellular data providers, which in turn will boost the overall quality of services and drive the data prices down.


If you would like a deep-dive into the technology behind BlockMesh, check out our whitepaper. Though only a milestone in our roadmap, it is a great time to join BlockMesh on our journey to the world of cost-free communication.

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