Mesh Extender Key Ring

BlockMesh will compete globally for the peer-to-peer offline communications and remittance market. We’re building a network to support the internet of things in a race for network coverage (predicted that will connect 50 billion IOT devices by 2020.)

The MESH Extender (Experimental Stage technology) will extend the mesh network reach of your mobile device. Our initial focus for the Mesh Extenders (MeshEx) will be on communication as it’ll allow us to grow an organic, supported network.

BlockMesh is focussed on delivering free communication to the underserved and will incentivise the network with BMH tokens. We believe this approach will fast track mass deployment of devices that will rival existing platforms competing for this market segment.

Communication without cellular towers, or satellites using your existing handset device, is now possible through the Mesh technology. This ensures a decentralised, unrestrictive communications platform is put in place through a relayed mesh network.

The typical point-to-point range between two MeshEx devices through our testing is approximately 15km with possible communication distance of 100kms with line of site (LOS). Buildings and highly dense infrastructure may affect proof of concept tests.

BlockMesh’s USB-sized Mesh Extenders are designed to operate with aerial configuration to extend signal and boost distance, so you can connect your own directional antenna to increase the point-to-point range.

MeshEx ranges’ are dramatically increased due to our interoperability with mesh networking technology, which extends the range beyond point-to-point range by relaying data through other devices. Relay development is key for the network to operate independently in major cities.

Our service is built on the Sub 1GHZ Unlicensed radio frequency which is used in many existing networks for long range radio communication. This ensures we are within regulation.

Bluetooth will be the choice of connection to the smart device as it offers best performance and battery usage. This solution offers the following functionality:

  • Mesh networking
  • Voice notes
  • Files sending
  • Relay mode
  • Securely encrypted data
  • Mapping
  • Charging

In the near future we envisage a free full-coverage network that offers second tier data transfer to enable billions of devices to communicate seamlessly, at no cost to the end user. Once the network has enough coverage it will begin to replace and disrupt current infrastructure that is more costly to maintain and not necessary for this type of data transfer. Developers, entrepreneurs and businesses will collaborate to build decentralised apps (dApps) on this network. This will build in a new layer of functionality, offerings and services which will require a transfer of value system and use BlockMesh tokens as the vehicle for this.

Initial medium term goals include building job portals, creating accessible communication channels in underserved and remote areas and the completion of the test networks before a full roll out across Southern Africa and the East Indian islands.

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