The total circulating supply is an estimated 550 000 000.

We held an ICO that started on 28 February until 31 March 2018, becoming one of, if not the most, successful African-based ICOs of the time.

Any ERC 20 Ethereum wallet will support the token.

By utilizing mesh networking technology, we are able to create an interconnected network of smart devices without the need for traditional cell towers, data plans or ISPs. Each device that connects to the Mesh will do so using Bluetooth (or WiFi if available) and each device will act as a ‘mini cell tower’ or repeater (node) which extends the range of the network.


For example, picture a train with 6 carriages and each carriage contains 1 BlockMesh user. User 1 wants to send a message to User 6. The message (data) that User 1 sends to User 6 will be passed through each other device (2,3,4,5) on the network (all data is encrypted) until it reaches the recipient in carriage 6.

Yes, we have an alpha app that allows for the functioning of the Mesh Networking software. We also have special Mesh extenders that will amplify the range. Future plans include cross platform software solutions.

BMH on HitBTC and MESH on Uniswap.

We are constantly looking at reward programs or staking for our #Meshies hodlers. Please join our telegram channel at the link in the menu for full details!

We are currently listed on HitBTC and Uniswap and are working on new exchanges constantly.

Not yet, but we are working on our hardware and software capabilities to launch our test networks soon.

We are currently working on releasing our software (app) on Android and iOS devices so that we can begin building communities of BlockMesh users (#Meshies). We are also excited to be in the final stages of due diligence for investment into an internet marketing company. This will be the second portfolio company within Blockmesh and help us towards our vision of reaching 100 million people.

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    H-1, 1st Floor, Unit 105, Harrington House, 50 Harrington Street, Cape Town Central, 8001

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