Connecting 100 million people to the blockchain through basic utility services, behavioural incentives and transactional (trade) capabilities.

People across the world do not have access to affordable, quality basic services and economic opportunities. These include access to health, education, gender equity, financial services, good governance and other services guided by the United Nations Global Goals.

BlockMesh invests in and develops products and partnerships that allow us to reach 100 million end users. Underlying all of these products and partnerships are the enabling blockchain technologies that enable tokenization and multiple utilities.

The BlockMesh Platform

The BlockMesh platform is a platform supporting mesh based devices focusing on communication and the loT.
Our platform will provide the user the ability to communicate and digitally transact in the peer to peer network, crushing data costs and banking fees.

We aim to create a self-sustainable financial ecosystem for communication and loT. Users and loT devices can earn "Mesh Token" for supporting the network and pay in "Mesh Token" for access to conventional Internet at a fraction of the cost. Users with unlimited Wi-Fi can offer their community or clients internet access with no passwords needed. With "mesh" the internet connection can then be passed beyond the hardware range.

Our goal is to become the leaders in mesh technology reinvesting in the technology and creating a platform where any developer can take advantage of our network with our simple open source API.

Mesh Dev

MeshDev is a platform built for developers which will enable them to add the mesh networking infrastructure we’ve developed to their current apps/platforms. Thus enabling cost-free data transfer/app use for their users.

Mesh Ex

MeshEX are our custom Wi-Fi routers which users will be able to install in their homes or offices. They will be rewarded with Mesh Tokens for each MB of data that passes through their router. This not only extends the mesh network, but pays its owner to use it.

Mesh Ad

MeshAD is a revolutionary take on real-world advertising. Knowing what your audience is interested in, and what they engage with is of utmost importance. Our advertising platform will offer partners the most targeted geo-located and demographic insights ever acquired.

The BlockMesh Platform

Offline Chat

Users don’t need an internet or cellular connection to chat with one another. Through bluetooth, we can create a network in areas that are currently uncovered.


The BlockMesh app will have all communications and data-transfers securely encrypted, meaning your conversations and wallet are always safe.

Reward System

Network support is rewarded through ‘mined’ cryptocurrency (Mesh Tokens) which is deposited directly to your wallet.


A fully functional ERC20 wallet will allow our users to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency as they accrue Mesh Tokens for supporting the network.

Offline Payments

With Raiden Network, offline payments will be possible over the BlockMesh network.

Cash in/Cash Out

Mesh Token will be the first accepted token for traditional cash at selected retails stores in Africa.

Latest News

Hello #Meshies, old and new! With so much going on behind the scenes we’ve neglected…
It’s time, the update you’ve all been patiently waiting for…
The #Meshie’s have to be one of the most active crypto-communities out there,

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ERC 20 with 2 Billion total and a proof of network algorithm.

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