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BlockMesh’s vision is to create the world's first decentralised, cost-free communications network.

All data sent through our network will be absolutely cost-free. Our goal is to become the leaders in mesh technology by reinvesting in the technology and creating a platform where any developer can take advantage of our network with our simple open source API.

At BlockMesh, our mission is to drastically reduce the mobile data cost to individuals around the world. In an era of information being one of the most valuable assets, we believe in making communication more accessible as the key to enable universal growth.

We are creating a decentralized communications network, where users can communicate and stay independent from cellular network providers. The coverage will follow the users, and not the other way around. Thanks to blockchain technology, this goal is realistic.

BlockMesh will enable cost-free communication by creating a global mesh network which allows our users to skip typical cellular and ISP “toll roads”.

We are developing a wallet which will give greater freedom to the unbanked via the platform. We aim to disrupt the current monopoly on global communications. Through mesh networking and blockchain technology, we aim to empower our users to connect with one another at next to no cost.


Initially conceived in South Africa, we’ve seen first-hand what poverty, inequality and a lack of communication and access to the basic internet can do to a developing country.


We’re focused on solving this problem by developing a cost-free communications app that pays its users to use it. Meet BlockMesh.

The BlockMesh platform

BlockMesh started in 2015 as a mesh network provider. A mesh network is a group of devices passing information from one to another until the recipient is reached. We are using this mesh network as a communications application, and as it can operate via Bluetooth and wifi instead of data, it is essentially cost-free once you’re on the network. We’re also using blockchain technology which enables us to reward users for supporting the network and brings our end-goal closer.

All data sent through our network will be absolutely cost-free. In case the mesh connection isn't strong enough in a particular area, users may use ordinary cellular data. That’s where the Mesh Token comes in. Users will get Mesh Tokens (MESH) for every MB of data that passes through their mobile device. MESH can be used for peer-to-peer payments inside the network, but most importantly, users will be able to buy mobile data at any mesh hotspot for a fraction of the typical cellular data price.Thus, we have a potent incentive for our users: the stronger the mesh network, the less they have to pay for data, and at some point, they won't have to pay at all!

In developing countries, while driving the data costs down, BlockMesh network will free up a huge part of users' income, unlocking the entrepreneurial potential and generating new opportunities for growth for the Global Village. In more developed parts of the world, BlockMesh will become a worthy competitor to established cellular data providers, which in turn will boost the overall quality of services and drive the data prices down.
Our goal is to become the leaders in mesh technology by reinvesting in the technology and creating a platform where any developer can take advantage of our network with our simple open source API.

Mesh Dev

MeshDev is a platform built for developers which will enable them to add the mesh networking infrastructure we’ve developed to their current apps/platforms. Thus enabling cost-free data transfer/app use for their users.

Mesh Ex

MeshEX are our custom Wi-Fi routers which users will be able to install in their homes or offices. They will be rewarded with Mesh Tokens for each MB of data that passes through their router. This not only extends the mesh network, but pays its owner to use it.

Mesh Ad

MeshAD is a revolutionary take on real-world advertising. Knowing what your audience is interested in, and what they engage with is of utmost importance. Our advertising platform will offer partners the most targeted geo-located and demographic insights ever acquired.

The BlockMesh Platform

Offline Chat

Users don’t need an internet or cellular connection to chat with one another. Through bluetooth, we can create a network in areas that are currently uncovered.


The BlockMesh app will have all communications and data-transfers securely encrypted, meaning your conversations and wallet are always safe.

Reward System

Network support is rewarded through ‘mined’ cryptocurrency (Mesh Tokens) which is deposited directly to your wallet.

Coin Structure


Future Development


Reward Air Drop

Service Providers



ECR 20 with 2 Billion total and a proof of network algorithm.


Q1 2018

  • Alpha app for Blockmesh launches

  • Test wallet for MESH Token launches

  • ICO launches 28 February

  • ICO distribution and bounty payments

Q2 2018

  • BlockMesh app goes live on Android and iPhone

  • Blockchain proof of network algorithm integration

  • List on exchange applications

Q3 2018

  • Testing offline payments on BlockMesh Network

  • Build Mesh Token into Blockmesh App

  • Pilot retail partner remittance

  • Link traditional payment functionality to BlockMesh app

Q4 2018

  • Launch Mesh Ex network extenders for BlockMesh Network

  • Distribution of Mesh EX hardware to global partners

  • Roll out of global mesh network

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